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Sale Conditions

1. General

By placing an order it is assumed that the buyer agrees to these general conditions of sale. Conditions or

stipulations of the buyer, which are in contravention or in conflict with the present conditions, shall not

apply if they have not been expressly accepted by the seller in writing. If the seller expressly or tacitly

does not invoke one or more of the provisions of these conditions or if one or more of them prove to be

invalid, the other provisions of these conditions shall continue to apply. The buyer shall not under any

circumstances derive any right from the fact that the seller has not invoked one or more of the provisions

of these conditions in a given case.

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Supplier Performance Agreement for the Purchase of Raw Material

1. General


This agreement applies to the purchase of Raw Material.


Seller has read and understands this agreement and agrees that Seller's written acceptance of or its

performance in relation to a Purchase Order (as defined in Provision 2.1) shall constitute Seller's

acceptance of this agreement.

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Delivery Performance - update september 2018

Strict controls have been implemented on incoming deliveries of Raw Material.

9.1 All suppliers are categorising into three grades: 

A-Grade: all deliveries comply to our terms set out in this agreement; 

B-Grade: deliveries to often do not comply to our terms (2 in 6 months), the supplier needs the improve

future deliveries to avoid downgrading to C-grade;  

C-Grade: the supplier has been unable improve deliveries that do not comply with our terms (2 in 3

months, since B-Grade), we must now take steps to replace the effected supplier. 

9.2 Downgrading, all (new) suppliers of Raw Material will be automatically granted an A-grade. When we

establish that the performance as stated in this document for deliveries are not met, we will warn the

supplier about a possible downgrade. If future deliveries are not improved upon within a reasonable time

(next two deliveries), then the supplier will be downgraded to B-grade and they will be informed of this.  

The supplier will need to implement improvement right away to prevent further downgrading. To regain an

upgrade to A-grade the supplier will need to show improvement and comply for 100% on deliveries for the

next six months.  

All communication regarding grading will be done by electronic mail for future reference.

9.3 Compliance, all delivered Raw Material must comply with our Supplier Performance Agreement for

the purchase of Raw Material. 

Regarding orders for raw material, this means:  

1. Order confirmation must be received within 48-hours; 

2. material must be delivered on the requested day or week unless the supplier has stated that this is

impossible due to availability or other excusable reasons; 

3. Goods are suitably packed and packaged; 

4. Packaging is clearly marked with product name, net weight, use by and/or production date and storage


5. Certificate of analysis (coa) is required for all delivered goods;

6. COA must show raw material typical values conform to the agreed specifications;

7. COA can be sent with the goods or by electronic mail or post and received within 24-hours after

delivery of the goods;

8. Changes in the specifications of the raw material must be communicated before implementation by

sending the datasheet by electronic mail or post; 

9. Supplier Declaration and Material Specification forms have been signed by the supplier; 

9.4 Time table - status change 

Grade (+change)

: Period


: 100% complying deliveries

A -> B

: 2 non-complying deliveries in 6 months

B -> A

: 100% complying deliveries in 6 months

B -> C

: 2 non-complying deliveries in 3 months

C -> B

: 100% complying deliveries in 6 months

C -> new supplier

: depends on possibilities

For more information on this subject please contact rawmaterial(at)almoco.nl.