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AMC Glass-fiber reinforced, inorganically filled UP molding compound in various colors.   Very low mould shrinkage and post- shrinkage, very good electrical and mechanical properties, excellent tracking resistance, high thermal resistance, good chemical resistance, excellent long-term behavior during static and dynamic load changes and very good dimensional stability, even at high temperatures. Suitable for high shot weights and producing differing wall thicknesses.
DAP & DAIP Diallyl phthalate & Diallyl isophthalate molding compounds. Glass fiber-reinforced and inorganically filled DAP or DAIP molding compound in various colors.   Combines very good temperature resistance with high mechanical and electrical properties and excellent hydrolysis resistance.
EPOXY Glass-fiber reinforced and/or inorganically filled epoxy molding compounds in black.   Very good mechanical strength, temperature resistance and dimensional strength, very good isolation properties and chemical/automotive fluid resistance. Excellent adhesion to metal. Very good for the protective sealing of delicate components against foreign materials. Well suited for thin layer coatings as well as for thin-walled free-standing structures.
member of the Raschig group
SILICONE Glass fiber reinforced silicone molding compound.   Very high temperature resistance, up to 300 °C continuous and up to 1100 °C short term. Exceptional electrical properties and very good dimensional stability. Used mainly in connectors for the aerospace industry, e.g. in fire-wall connectors and connectors directly linked to the engine.
Powder in-Mould Coating PiMC is a Polyester Powder which can be electrostatically sprayed onto the heated mould surface prior to loading of the SMC or BMC. The PiMC forms a chemical bond with the SMC/BMC and provides a surface coating to the part with excellent properties such as scratch resistance, chemical resistance, UV stability, weathering resistance, graffiti resistance and antimicrobial. PiMC can be supplied in a wide variety of colours thereby providing an aesthetic appearance to SMC/BMC parts.
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