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PiMC TUV Certificate Food Approval 2016

After extensive testing at a well known external Institute we can now proudly present our updated Certificate, proving that our PiMC is safe to be used for applications requiring Food Contact. To this respect you can click on a copy of our Certificate



PiMC Development

Our PiMC is already in use for decades because of its unique set of properties, worth mentioning are: - Aesthetic  appearance - Tightly closed surface - Chemical resistance - Scratch resistance - Abrasion resistance - UV- and weather stability - Graffiti proof - Conforming to European Norms for kitchen sinks - Allowed for use with Food Contact We have now finished our newest development and can add high antimicrobial properties to this impressive list of features. To this respect you can click on a copy of our Test Report For further details you are kindly invited to contact our sales department



Change in packaging of Epoxy compounds

Read in Full [Open in PDF reader]



PiMC Improvements

Synres-Almoco Powder in-Mould Coating (PiMC) has for many decades been widely used for (amongst many other applications) the production of kitchen sinks. These kitchen sinks have to fulfill strict quality requirements with respect to heat resistance, temperature shock, chemical resistance, scratch resistance and abrasion resistance. Read in Full [Open in PDF reader]


Diallylphthalate Moulding Compounds DAP 

In our Industry we are obliged to follow international legislation with respect to Environment and Human Health. [Open in PDF reader]