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Our company was founded in 1966, as a joined Venture of Allied Chemical USA, Synres, Philips and DSM. The company missions were (and still are) the production and marketing of thermosetting moulding compounds for the electronic and electrotechnical industry. In 1984 Synres-Almoco bv was one of the first companies that introduced the extruder technology for the production of dust free, free flowing dry granular thermosetting moulding compounds. For a part of our product range roller-mill technology was still maintained. 1998 was an important year for Synres-Almoco bv. We moved to a complete new factory. Our production technology has been completely based on extruder technology, resulting in a state of the art facility, not only with respect to product quality, but also with respect to environment and health and safety. We became a 100% subsidiary of the German company Raschig GmbH. Raschig GmbH in it self is part of the US based PMC Global Group. Since 1966 Synres-Almoco bv has an accumulated broad experience in the technology of thermosetting moulding compounds. Our productrange comprises of thermosetting moulding compounds based upon: polyester (our range of AMC-grades) diallylphthalate (our range of DAP-grades) iso-diallylphthalate (our range of DAIP-grades) epoxy (our range of Epoxy-grades) silicone (our range of Silicone-grades Furthermore we have a polyester based Powder (in-) Mould Coating, being a fine powder that can be electrostatically sprayed upon the hot mould surface, providing a protective finish to parts moulded of SMC or BMC. Since Raschig GmbH also has a long lasting experience in this area we will have the opportunity for further growth in this area. Together with Raschig GmbH we can provide our customers with an even broader range of thermosetting moulding compounds. You, as our well-esteemed (existing or future) customer can now acquire through our services the following materials: Moulding Compounds Produced by Phenolic RASCHIG GmbH Melamine/Phenolic RASCHIG GmbH Melamine RASCHIG GmbH Polyester RASCHIG GmbH/Synres-Almoco bv Diallylphthalate Synres-Almoco bv Epoxy Synres-Almoco bv Silicone Synres-Almoco bv Powder (in-) Mould Coating Synres-Almoco bv You are cordially invited to contact our sales department for any further detailed information.
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